Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Behind the Success Stories

As there is a phrase "All glitters are not gold" perfectly suits upon the success stories. The highly successful people "apparently" looks quite satisfied as they achieved hall of fame and riches but they "lack" quite beautiful and meaningful memories. We idealize them in their careers, although they excellence in their career but suffering from "horrible" loneliness. People reach them when they are indeed. Having "lacks" in their lives which make them weak inside and strengthen outside. Apparently "beautiful , charming and attractive" appreciated by others. They highly "attractive" people can hide their feelings because they are publicly quite courageous, brave rigid, dodge people with their perfectly smiling teeth with hidden suffering and pain. May be they are coward or helpless, because they have
no "confidant" and survive their life with hidden suffering and pain. How "terrible" you think their life is? Life without love care and com mensuration, knowing "no one" is there to tap your back "heartily" or will be glad on your success. As the "winner stands alone" the well seated "crowd" is pleasing and praising you as this is their duty to respect "highly successful" people because they, their "beauty" is although fake but highly "attractive and charming"

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