Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Women should demand respect instead of equal rights

          Women of Pakistan being impressed from West are striving hard for the equal rights. But the way all this going to be achieved is not less than a battlefield. It is also a matter of fact that a huge women population is being neglected and struggle is more for show off rather uplifting the status of those leading a miserable life. In some cases they also have to face a hostile attitude as Pakistan is so called an Islamic Republic and still the society judge things on religious basis more or less. Even the western model is not favorable for women as it seems apparently and their status is not more than a machine who has to manage both professional and domestic tasks. But there is also a misconception about the the rights of women in Islam despite of the fact that Islam was the first and only religion that promulgate women rights. Before Islam women status was not more than a creeping thing, she was considered evil, it was declared that she has no soul, suppressing female infant or being burned with her husband corpse was a social custom but after the advent of Islam her status was uplifted. Islam opened the ways of prosperity for her, she was given hierdom rights, bringing up female child became a source to Jannah and even Jannah was placed beneath her feet.
          Islam is the only religion which secure women rights, glorify her and it is clearly mentioned in the Holy Quran that men and women are equal in the sight of Allah almighty. Islam dignified women by saying that the status of a mother is three times greater than that of a father. The birth of a girl was considered an ill omen but Islam rejected such presage by saying that one who take very good care of his two daughters and up bring them he will be as close to Prophet Muhammad pbuh as the two fingers. The way Islam esteemed women as a wife is no where in any other religion. It preaches that the most valuable thing in this world is a virtuous wife and she has certain rights over him. The attitude of people at home becomes the fundamental principal of goodness.
          Thus for the first time Islam gives women social, economic, spiritual, legal, political rights but at the same time not over burdened her. But the women of the modern era being a tool of western society demanding the status of social butterflies instead of a mistress, despite of the realities hidden underneath swearword of equal rights. Even in our society the competency of women is accepted but some times the demand becomes unnecessary. Rejecting their real virtuality is not conforming to accepted standards but when ever they claim for equal rights it seems that they are going to baffle the menfolk. So the demand should be due respect instead of equal rights.

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